Why is there such a trend towards gold today?


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Why is there such a trend towards gold today?


With the rising price of gold now well above $1000 per ounce many investors are turning to gold seeing it as a way to not only protect their wealth but to increase that wealth.

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If you happen to live in gold country with access to the gold fields you might want to consider the simple hobby of panning for gold.

Not only has gold been mined for thousands of years but it has been a part of the culture of civilisations. Gold has been synonymous with social status and prestige.

When you start to look at the history of gold, you will see that its value has been recognized for thousands of years. It was the basis for currency in countries such as Europe, Egypt, and also South America.

It has an extensive history dating back to 4000BC. Ancient civilisations had ornate gold jewellery, ornaments, it was found in temples and in tombs.

Gold is valuable. Gold has provided power and prestige, status, and wealth. It symbolises prosperity.

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In modern times gold is utilised in many thousands of varied and innovative ways in business, technology, medicine, aeronautical science, and industry.

While gold historically has been an ancient currency and unit of exchange for many regions of the world and an indicator of wealth and status, gold remains a rare and valuable commodity throughout the world today.

We Have The Gold

Traditionally gold has been a hedge against inflation and the erosion of major currencies. Given the uncertainty in the economic and political world,  investment in physical gold is trending in investment circles today.


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