We Have The Gold: Early Discoveries Of Gold In Australia

We Have The Gold: Early Discoveries Of Gold In Australia


Dreams of gold have long dominated the Australian scene and psyche.A few months after the arrival of the First Fleet a convict named, Daley, produced a clump of earth with gold particles in it.

There was a mini gold rush to this site but no gold was found. Daley confessed to his hoax and he was eventually hanged.



In 1823 Assistant Surveyor James McBrian found particles of gold near the Fish River not far from Bathurst in New South Wales. Then sixteen years later in 1839 Paul Edmund de Strzelecki the Polish explorer and geologist confirmed the evidence of gold near Hartley in the Bathurst district.

In 1841 W. B Clarke discovered gold at the Cox River and on the Wollondilly. In 1849 Sir Roderick Murchison found a sixteen ounce nugget at Daisy Hill in Victoria.


Following the gold rush in California in the United States many returned to Australia disillusioned. One of those was Edward Hargraves. Determined to find gold in Australia Hargraves found a few specks in Lewis Ponds Creek in the Bathurst district. Some of his associates made a real find which he reported to the authorities in Sydney. By May the gold rush to Ophir had begun.



The discovery of gold followed soon after in Victoria. Gold had been found at Smythesdale, Clunes, in the Pyrenees Range, and at various other places in Victoria.


Then in August 1851 there was the historic rush. Within months gold diggers rushed to Mount Alexander and Bendigo. 80,000 diggers were on the gold fields.

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