The Invisible Technology That’s Revolutionising The World

The Invisible Technology That’s Revolutionising The World


The backbone of cryptocurrencies is the blockchain – an invisible technology and massive global data base. Digital coins are built on this.




Look upon the blockchain, says Rob Marvin 

as a historical fabric underneath recording everything that happens—every digital transaction; exchange of value, goods and services; or private data—exactly as it occurs.

Blockchain is a system of digital interactions without a trusted third party and which relies on a peer-to-peer network.

In summary a blockchain is:

* a global data base

* a peer-to-peer network

* data stored across a network of computers

* decentralised

* a public ledger

* transactions are verified by miners who maintain the ledger

The blockchain underpins all cryptocurrencies with a potential so vast with far reaching applications. The blockchain now involves every kind of record and transaction.


Banks, the big tech giants, governments, and hundreds of startup businesses are shifting towards this new technology.

Microsoft, eBay, Expedia, McDonald’s, Subway are just a few of the big players starting to accept the digital currencies. Bitcoin is being accepted for tax payments in Switzerland.

The city of the future is Dubai. This blockchain city has plans for robot policemen, flying taxis, and driverless vehicles on its roads.

Dubai aspires to become the world’s first government powered by the blockchain.



While 2017 was a ground breaking year for cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrencies becoming the highest performing asset class of that year, 2018 may see lesser known cryptocurrencies double in value.

As the growth trend for cryptocurrencies increases there will be those that will solidify while others will simply disappear.

Crypto-Gold Coin


Crypto-Gold Coin


Against this backdrop how is our Crypto-Gold Coin positioned?

Crypto-Gold Coin is a cryptocurrency but is different to other cryptocurrencies. Crypto-Gold Coin is asset backed by gold.

If gold is to be part of your investment portfolio then how should you own it. Should it be coins, gold bars, shares?

Crypto-Gold Coin is an alternative way to investing in physical gold. It is a digital gold coin.

To avoid issues like storage fees, dealer’s premiums, the risks of home storage, fluctuating share prices, then owning Crypto-Gold Coin may be your solution.

Crypto-Gold Coin is a gold cryptocurrency built on the blockchain. Every coin represents a finite quantity of actual physical gold.

Gold is the ultimate asset.

Crypto-Gold Coin is a safe, secure, and easy way to buy, hold and move gold anywhere anytime.



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