Cryptocurrency Trends For 2018

Cryptocurrency Trends For 2018




2017 was a ground breaking year for cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrencies becoming the highest performing asset class of that year.

Bitcoin reached astronomical heights and this meteoric rise attracted new investors into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

People, hearing about this new type of investment class, rushed in to quickly learn about it and to start investing.

As of mid-January 2018 the market capitalisation for cryptocurrency was just over $700 billion USD. The prediction is that it could surge into the trillions in 2018.  

But while in 2017 Bitcoin went to great heights in price, by January 2018 it went into a downward spin.

The next 3 months will be defining months for cryptocurrency and 2018 will probably have plenty more excitement and adventure.

Issues facing cryptocurrency

Issues facing cryptocurrency will be the advancements in blockchain technology as it is still improving and expanding, and regulatory moves by various governments.

Price and performance of cryptocurrencies will be impacted by government policies. How all of this is played out will either have a positive effect or negative effect depending how governments respond.

Some governments are seeing how they can set up their own cryptocurrencies like Russia. Russia has developed its own “cryptoruble”. Estonia and Venezuela are looking into having their own cryptocurrencies.

We Have The Gold 

Where is Crypto-Gold Coin in this new asset class? The Crypto-Gold Coin is a cryptocurrency but is different to other cryptocurrencies because it is asset backed by gold.

Combined with gold Crypto-Gold Coin has the price security of gold. It is linked to the price of gold and will not suffer from the volatility of cryptocurrency markets because it has stability being asset backed by gold.




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We Have The Gold


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