Are Asset Backed Cryptos The Future?

Are Asset Backed Cryptos The Future?



Most digital currencies do not have any physical, asset backing.

World’s most popular cryptocurrency


Bitcoin is the world’s leading and most popular cryptocurrency. It has had a volatile career ever since the middle of December 2017 when it reached a height of $19,850.

Since then it has had big drops in price and then recoveries. Currently, the price of Bitcoin is just over US $8000. It gained more than $1000 in the space of an hour.

But cryptos like Bitcoin have no asset backing. Their value is based on market sentiment.

While the trend for cryptocurrencies in 2018 is favourable they are perhaps in a slow period just at present.

While most cryptocurrencies require a very minimal investment a cryptocurrency asset backed by gold is bought at the current price of gold.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, a cryptocurrency backed by gold will never fall below the current gold price. 

However, if a gold-backed cryptocurrency becomes popular, its price will become greater than the value of gold. It’s like the coin has a built-in stop-loss.

Crypto-Gold Coin


Crypto-Gold Coin is a gold-backed cryptocurrency.

Every coin represents a finite quantity of actual physical gold – gold being the ultimate asset.

Crypto-Gold Coins represent a finite quality of actual gold. They are more solid and safer than bother cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Crypto-Gold Coin


1. Gold has genuine intrinsic value linked to the price of gold

2. There is a security and first mortgage over this gold that is held in trust for all Crypto-Gold Coin owners

3. Crypto-Gold Coin has all the technology of Bitcoin with the 3rd generation blockchain technology

4. Redeem the Crypto-Gold Coin in 2022 for gold or cash 

5. Inexpensive to have Crypto-Gold Coin because of no account, holding or storage fees

6. The principle of Scarcity – only 10,000,000 Coins – makes the Crypto-Gold Coin more precious

7. Earn affiliate commissions

8. Robust privacy protections

9. SAVING – 5 FREE coins for every 100 coins purchased TODAY – giving an immediate 5% FREE gain

Given that Crypto-Gold Coin is asset backed at least you can be sure that the price of the gold-backed coin will not fall below the value of gold.


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