The Hottest Cryptocurrency 100% Backed By Gold

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The Hottest Cryptocurrency 100% Backed By Gold


Crypto-Gold Coin







At present over 1100 cryptocurrencies are out there in the market place.

New investment class


Cryptocurrencies are a new investment class. They are regarded as red hot with price increases for some skyrocketing between 12000% and 56000%.

What makes cryptocurrencies attractive is that they are outside government control. No bank or middle organisation can interfere. There is no invasion of privacy.

This new, enormous trend which has the potential to change the world is challenging gold as an investment choice. While gold has been a bit flat lately Bitcoin has been having an exponential surge in its price.

Ground floor opportunities


Bitcoin together with other cryptocurrencies are ground floor opportunities. This in itself raises lot of questions. What cryptocurrencies should you buy? When should you buy them? And, how much should you buy.

A few years ago Bitcoin was a bit of a joke but today it’s worth billions.

Is Bitcoin a bubble about to burst? Mid-week Bitcoin surged above US$11,000. Five years ago it was only around $12. If it is a bubble and it does pop then gold would probably reassert its shine and dominance as the traditional store of value.

Gold, however, will always retain its store of value even if from time to time it flattens out.

Crypto-Gold Coin

In a world first Crypto-Gold Coin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin its unique feature being that it is combined with gold. It has the price security of gold, because every coin is 100% gold backed.

It has all the features and benefits of cryptocurrency but in addition because it is linked to the price of gold it has intrinsic value.

Crypto-Gold Coin is run on the Ethereum blockchain which gives it numerous advantages over the Bitcoin and other blockchains. Not only is it more flexible and much faster, it is theoretically also more secure.

10,000,000 million Crypto-Gold Coins are backed by 100,000 ounces of gold. This provides investors with the best of both worlds.

So if the rush towards cryptocurrencies is challenging gold as an investment choice Crypto-Gold Coin offers a solution by combining the best of both worlds.

Crypto-Gold Coin has the possible exponential returns of cryptocurrencies, combined with the age-old value and security of gold.

We Have The Gold