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Our current price is US $1250.00


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This is best done on Google Chrome.


 1. Open your Crypto-Gold Coin account (Wallet) Instant Access

When you open your wallet Copy the Acc Ref:#, Password & Secret CodeSecure them in a safe place and never lose them. Then return to this page.


 Now you’re ready to buy:



2. Buy Now

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Buy using your Ether account



If you are already familiar with cryptocurrencies then buying Crypto-Gold Coin from your account is very easy.

Step 1: Open your account and copy your account address from the top bar. It’s listed next to your name.

Step 2: Transfer some Ether to your Crypto-Gold Coin account.

Step 3: Select the “Wallet” menu item and Click on the little shopping cart in your Crypto-Gold Coin window.


Want to buy more than 100 Coins?

Pay by Bank Transfer and the equivalent amount of coins will be transfered to your account.

10 Coins = USD$125.00

  • Get 10 Coins

  • Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed

50 Coins = USD$650.00

  • Get 50 Coins
  • Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed

 250 Coins = USD$3,125.00


            * Get 262.5 Coins

            * Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed 

Redeeming Crypto-Gold Coin 



  • Soon you will be able to sell your Crypto-Gold Coin coins on an exchange and liquidate or trade them for one of many crypto or fiat currencies.


  • You can sell or trade your Crypto-Gold Coin coins peer to peer with any other Crypto-Gold Coin account (wallet) owner.


  • Any time after the 1st of June 2022, you will be able to redeem your Crypto-Gold Coin coins for 24k gold or the dollar value of gold at that time.




We Have The Gold Pty Ltd       ACN: 617 941 992









We Have The Gold ACN: 617 941 992