Crypto-Gold Coin: A Cryptocurrency Linked To The Price Of Gold

Crypto-Gold Coin: A Cryptocurrency Linked To the price of gold


We Have The Gold



In October this year the price of Bitcoin rose well over US$6000. While many investors will make their fortunes there are some well known critics of Bitcoin. Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JP Morgan, called Bitcoin a fraud and said it would blow up.

Bitcoin has been described as an investment wildcat. While investing in cryptocurrencies may be the next great boom it is a high risk frontier but at the same time it has the potential to create untold wealth. The total value of all cryptocurrencies today is around US$150 billion.




Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies.

James Woodburn publisher of the Daily Reckoning in Australia refers to the ‘Small cap cryptos’ as being:

the last ways for the little guy to 

grow rich, starting with just a 

few dollars in your pocket.


He says the small cap cryptocurrencies are hot but won’t stay cheap for long.

Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin can cost as little as a few cents or just a few dollars. A little investor can afford to invest in cryptocurrency without the risk of losing too much money.

Asset backed by gold

The new start up Crypto-Gold Coin is a cryptocurrency having all the technology and security of Bitcoin. Crypto-Gold Coin is based on 3rd generation blockchain technology.

But what makes Crypto-Gold Coin different from other cryptocurrencies is that it has all the value and certainty of gold.

Where Bitcoin has a perceived value just like the $5 note, Crypto-Gold Coin has an intrinsic value which is linked to the price of gold.

Every Crypto-Gold Coin is 100% asset backed by gold.

100,000 ounces of gold has been secured as a backing for 10,000,000 Crypto-Gold Coins. There is a security and first mortgage over this gold that is held in trust for all Crypto-Gold Coin owners.

With Crypto-Gold Coin the small time investor can purchase some crypto coins which are asset backed by gold for just a few dollars. Not only are they able to enter the crypto revolutionary market they have an alternative and innovative approach to investing in gold.

We Have The Gold