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“Crypto-Gold Coin is a cryptocurrency 100% asset backed by gold.

Every coin represents a finite quantity of actual physical gold.

Gold is the ultimate asset.

Crypto-Gold Coin is the safe, secure and easy way to buy, hold and move gold.

Crypto-Gold Coin is built on 3rd generation blockchain

You too can benefit from the crypto revolution today”. Crypto-Gold Coin


Get your Crypto-Gold Coin from We Have The Gold.

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Features of Crypto-Gold Coin


1.   10,000,000 Crypto-Gold Coin is backed by 100,000 ounces of gold

2.   Built on 3rd generation Blockchain technology

3.   Easy to purchase – Bank transfer, and by Ether

4.   Offers an alternative way to hold gold & is inexpensive  – no account fees, no holding fees, no storage fees

5.   Scarcity – only 10,000,000 Coins available

6.   Safe, secure and trusted

7.   Crypto-Gold Coin charges no premium on top of gold price

8.   Gold has intrinsic value

9.   Gold backing means price and value stability

10.  SAVING – 5 FREE coins for every 100 coins purchased today  



Benefits of Crypto-Gold Coin


1. Gold has genuine intrinsic value linked to the price of gold


2. There is a security and first mortgage over this gold that is held in trust for all Crypto-Gold Coin owners


3. Crypto-Gold Coin has all the technology of Bitcoin with the 3rd generation blockchain technology


4. Redeem the Crypto-Gold Coin in 2022 for gold or cash 


5. Inexpensive to have Crypto-Gold Coin because of no account, holding or storage fees


6. The principle of Scarcity – only 10,000,000 Coins – makes the Crypto-Gold Coin more precious


7. Earn affiliate commissions


8. Robust privacy protections


9. SAVING – 5 FREE coins for every 100 coins purchased TODAY – giving an immediate 5% FREE gain




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