Crypto-Gold Coin: Its Features And Value As A Cryptocurrency

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Crypto-Gold Coin: Its Features

And Value As A Cryptocurrency


In the world of finance 2017 will be the year best known as the year of digital currency. The value of digital currency soared becoming the most profitable investment.

Bitcoin in the month of November reached in excess of $7000 US. This cryptocurrency is now even more valuable than gold.




In the past couple of months we have seen Ethereum skyrocket in value with gains of over 1000%. Dash, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, is another that hit new highs.


What is this cryptocurrency? It is a medium of exchange with cryptography securing transactions and controlling units of currency.

The revolutionary blockchain technology, which is essentially a ledger, decentralises the process.

Crypto-Gold Coin is run on the Ethereum blockchain technology and this gives it numerous advantages over the Bitcoin and other blockchains.

Crypto-Gold Coin has all the features and benefits of cryptocurrency but it has the additional feature of being asset backed by gold. It offers an alternative and innovative approach to investing in gold.

Backed by gold


Every Crypto-Gold Coin represents actual physical gold and can be exchanged for the equivalent metal. Having all the benefits of a cryptocurrency and being backed by gold means you get a coin that can never be worth less than its gold value.

Here is a summary of some of the features of the Crypto-Gold Coin:

* 10,000,000 Crypto-Gold Coins are backed by 100,000 ounces of gold

* Crypto-Gold Coin can be purchased through We Have The Gold by Bank transfer, Pay Pal, Credit Card, and even by Ether

* It is inexpensive to hold with no account fees,holding or storage fees

* Only 10,000,000 Coins are available

* Crypto-Gold Coin is safe, secure and trusted

* Crypto-Gold Coin charges no premium on top of gold price

* Gold backing means price and value stability

* For every 100 coins purchased receive 5 FREE coins




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