Could Bitcoin Hit $50,000?

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Could Bitcoin Hit $50,000?



Could Bitcoin hit $50,000?

Is Bitcoin a bubble about to burst?

Mike Maloney, author of the best selling Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver,   discusses these questions in his latest video. Maloney also outlines the action he has taken personally – taking profits from Bitcoin and investing in gold and silver.

Maloney believes the stage is set for a “gold rush” to the safe haven of gold and silver when the supplies of these are becoming increasingly scarce.

Everyone is talking Bitcoin

In January 2017 Bitcoin was $1000. In May it saw $2000. By June it was $4000 and then $8000 at Thanksgiving. A couple of weeks later Bitcoin surged above $17,000.

Everyone is talking Bitcoin.

The problem with Bitcoin is that its only intrinsic value is due to the fact that people mine it. Primarily, Bitcoin has only perceived value.

Crypto-Gold Coin

On the other hand, Crypto-Gold Coin today is critically positioned in the marketplace – it having all the attributes of being a cryptocurrency and Crypto-Gold Coin being 100% backed by gold.

10,000,000 million Crypto-Gold Coins are backed by 100,000 ounces of gold.

Investors have been given the best of both worlds.

While Bitcoin may reach extraordinary highs over the coming months it could also be that bubble about to burst that so many fear.

Crypto-Gold Coin is the new ecosystem that has the solidity, stability and age old value of gold.

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