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We Have The Gold is an Australian based business operating globally and is the authorised affiliate partner of Crypto-Gold Coin.


Crypto-Gold Coin

Crypto-Gold Coin identified weaknesses in cryptocurrencies with most relying solely on market value perception, without any asset value. To combat this, Crypto-Gold Coin and the Citigold Corporation Limited, two Australian companies, created the world’s first 100% gold-backed cryptocurrency.

Crypto-Gold Coin is a result of a signed agreement between GLD International Inc and the Citigold Corporation Limited.

We Have The Gold has looked around the world researching many cryptocurrencies and has found that Crypto-Gold Coin is a far superior cryptocurrency product.

No other cryptocurrency in the world is backed by 100% gold. The Citigold Corporation Limited has backed it with $123M worth of gold which is an indication of how much the company believes in Crypto-Gold Coin.

Other cryptocurrencies are backed with nothing and if a global event was to occur and the price falls, there is nothing to back those cryptocurrencies.

Most cryptocurrencies around the world are based on market premium (AKA “perception”). Crypto-Gold Coin is 100% backed by gold which is almost like an insurance or reserve floor price. 

Other cryptocurrencies may claim that they are backed by gold, however when you look deeper, these are backed with only few grams of gold  which is immaterial.

Crypto-Gold Coin is backed with 100% gold from the mine at Charters Towers in North Queensland, Australia.

Dedicated Management


We Have The Gold  has set up an Affiliate Program to promote and market Crypto-Gold Coin.  


The affiliate program is managed by industry leaders who are based on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The team at We Have The Gold is here to help! The team is ready to support and train those people who become affiliates.


They eat, sleep, and breathe affiliate marketing, so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you feel will assist your making money with We Have The Gold.

The most likely outcome would be that they have heard the question before and can provide you with the best answer and/or solution to move forward and start receiving income immediately.

The team at We Have The Gold takes great pride in its customer service and makes sure that you have complete satisfaction in the business you do with this company.



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